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re: APPROVED - App: Berserkage - by Xacklir

Hello Berserkage, I know it's a little late to reply to your post since you've already been accepted, but I have some questions for you concerning your experience as a prot warrior and your availability.

1. While compared to a more high end tank, you have a much larger amount of expertise and hit. I'm guessing this is because your threat is bad, but what I don't get is why the tank I'm comparing you to is doing heroic raid instances with less threat stats even though his group's dps should pull more aggro than ours (considering gear and logs).

Is threat going to be an issue?

2. You have 2 unenchanted items, both are from factions, one of which you haven't even bothered touching.

Can you be fully enchanted by the time we start raiding this week?

3. I'm reading up on Prot warrior's stat priorities and the order is Stamina ≥ Mastery > Parry ≥ Dodge. You have some items that can reforge into mastery, were you planning to do this? It also seems like you're trying to be a Stam tank, why do you chose to gem that way? I can see you are trying to build enough hp for fights with unavoidable damage, but when you get enough gear to maintain that level, will you be planning to switching to gem more for mitigation?
The gem slot rotation for most prot warriors go like this:
Yellow - 40 Mastery
Red - 20 Parry and 20 Mastery
Blue - 20 Mastery and 30 Stamina
Since you're JC, you can choose to gem 65 Mastery instead of just 40.

Are you willing to put more effort in balancing your stats?

4. Your spec looks insufficient, did you make this spec yourself? It's ok, but it could some tune-ups. Blood and Thunder is a great aoe tanking talent, but on an actual boss fight it's pretty useless. Any reason why you put points in Gag Order? It doesn't seem very beneficial for a raid setting. Another way to increase your threat is to put some points into War Academy, then Deep Wounds in the tier two Arms talents. The one point in Battle trance also seems pretty random. And as for Blood Craze, 10% chance to regain 3% of your Hp doesn't sound all that great, if you move some points away from this area you can increase your threat instead of having to reforge for all that expertise and hit. Cruelty in the Fury talents might help also.

But the real question here is, are you willing to spend your gold and time to optimize your gameplay so we don't waste our time wiping on a boss?

5. You said you're 12/12 reg and 1/12 heroic bosses in t11 on your shaman, I can only guess you're a hardcore raider with your other guild. The only question here is are you going to bail out if your main guild needs you? I'm pretty sure our officers were looking for a much more dependable raider for our Main Raid Group.

Will you actually give us your all or are you going to half ass your way through heroic raids?

This is pretty much it, good luck when you start raiding with us.

P.S. I was comparing you to Elitist Jerk's warrior tank, Scorned. He's also the author of Cataclysm Protection Warrior
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re: APPROVED - App: Berserkage - by Xacklir

I'm up for anything
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re: APPROVED - App: Berserkage - by Xacklir

We could really use a tank. Up to the task?

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re: App: Berserkage

The application submitted by Berserkage is as follows:

Name : Berserkage
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Hydraxis
Level : 85
Gender : Male
Faction : Horde
Race : Orc
Class : Warrior
Spec 1 : Protect
Spec 2 : Fury

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

General Questions

How long have you been playing this character?:
Roughly 2 Months as level 85.

What is your availability like? You can be general. (i.e. Only available weekday evenings, etc):
I am available almost all the time. Weekdays i have school till 4:30 eastern time. Weekends im normally available all day.

What are your goals and expectations for Cataclysm?:
My goals are just to have fun, meet cool people on the server and raid

Are you 18 or over? (be honest):

Knowledge and Experience

On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable do you feel with your knowledge of your class, spec, and play-style?:

Would you feel comfortable changing a few talent points around, if it were required?:

Please outline your raiding experience:
I have a level 85 Shaman healer that is in Bladed Bastion. I am 12/12 Reg and 1/12 H on him. i have done all the fights multiple times and i do have some experience on my warrior as tank.

Additional information

Where and from who did you hear about Evolve?:
From trade chat. I saw a raid group recruitment post.

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